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You shouldn't have to be a digital marketing professional to pull off a successful event.

Long gone are the days of “If we build it, they will come.” Nowadays, you must put effort into advertising your event to make people aware and get them interested. These customers are out there, looking for fun things to do. And they aren’t going to the standard methods of advertising anymore. They are scouring the web to find interesting activities.

You might being facing these challenges:

Wouldn't it be nice to have a partner help you with your digital marketing campaigns?

Allowing you to make your events the best they can possibly be and also giving you other benefits such as:


Saving Time and Money

Use your adspends in a smarter, more strategic way to advertise only to people that are interested in your event.

Less Stress

Live events are stressful enough. Knowing that you have a marketing partner will ease your workload.

Better Attendance

Sell more tickets and grow your event to its fullest potential.

Outselling your Competition

Get a competitive edge over other local events and become your area's flagship event.

Meet Mikey "Spice" Evans.

With 10+ years of experience in the music business and digital marketing sphere, Mikey Spice is no stranger to selling tickets and marketing seasonal events.  Mikey created Spice Digital Solutions to bridge the gap between events and digital marketing.  He’s on a mission to help agritourism businesses and seasonal event producers like you grow and prosper, year after year.

Mikey Spice Evans

How does it all work?

Step 1

Book a Consultation Call

Schedule a call with us to discuss your event goals, needs, and timeline.

Step 2

Strategy Formulation

We plan a digital marketing strategy based on your target audience, previous marketing efforts, and goals.

Step 3

Marketing Implementation

We execute your marketing strategy and optimize it on a weekly basis based on ticket sales and user engagement.

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